Main character male

The Male Protagonist

Main character female

The Female Protagonist

General Information
Full name Nick / Sophie Hunter
Nickname Varies
Age 22
Birthday Varies
Profession Office Worker / Gas Station Attendant (Prologue)

Farmer (After Introduction)

Other Information
Family Unknown
Rival Varies

The Protagonist is the Main character of Wild Season. The Protagonist's name, gender, birthday and blood type is decided by the Player in the beginning of the game. If the Player does not give him a name, it will default to "Nick Hunter" if the Protagonist is Male or "Sophie Hunter" if the Protagonist is Female. 


The Protagonist was an unemployed, ordinary person who had been job-hunting for an unspecified amount of time. One day, he / she sees an ad for a farm located in the faraway land of Bedford Valley, and coincedently, its cost matches the exact amount of savings he / she has. Feeling an odd attraction to the Farm, he / she spends his / her lifesavings to purchase the farm and travels by car to its location that night.

Upon his / her arrival to Bedford Valley, The Protagonist accidentally crashes his / her car to a tree - partially due to the Town's faulty road. Luckilly, he / she is only knocked unconscious, but uninjured thanks to the airbag in his / her car. Someone then rescues him / her and leaves him / her to recover in the Town's Inn. Upon waking up, the story of Wild Season begins...    


Being a silent character, with the exception of giving answers to another character's question, The Protagonist's personality is ultimately dependent on the choices that the Player makes throughout the game. Other than that, the Protagonist appears to show signs of being a no-nonsense, but sensible person based on inner monologues towards certain situations.