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WS mining
Mining is a side activity in Wild Season in which the Player may explore caves in order to harvest ores which will be used for different reasons in the game. The area can be accessed by progressing west of Stefan's animal farm.

The Caves Edit

The Caves are a labyrinth-like area covered filled with rocks and ores. To progress through the Caves, the Player must remove rocks or ores that block him then find the entrance to the next room which consist of ladders. The Cave has an infinite number of rooms, but the Player may exit by returning to the last ladder he used then choosing to leave. There are 3 kinds of "Cave-Routes" One is a big room with a small room on the left upper side, one is in the shape of a:">" And the last one has the shape of a "L"


Rocks and Ores Edit

Within the Caves are Rocks and Ores of different value and rarity. The Player may destroy these with the Hammer, allowing the Player to get rid of obstacles in their way along with a chance of obtaining an item from them; certain ores require a minimum mining skill level. Rare Ores become more common as the Player progresses through the Cave.

Ore Mining Level Ship Price
Bronze 2 16 aur
Silver 3 25 aur
Gold 4 30 aur
Platinum 5 35 aur
Green Ore

(name unkown)


6? ?? aur
Blue Ore

(name unkown)


7? ?? aur