There is currently no control tutorial in-game, though you can manage settings from the main menu's load screen at Options -> Controls -> Keyboard. There, you can adjust the controls to suit your playing style.

Wild Season contains support for keyboards, PS3/PS4 controllers, and XBox360/XBox1 controllers.

Keyboard Control (defaults): Edit


A screenshot from in-game of the keyboard controls



W, A, S, D

  • Move your character

Left Shift

  • Sprint to the direction the character is facing
  • Pressing the directional buttons is not required when sprinting


  • Talk to villagers or animals
  • Confirm selection
  • Pick up items on the ground
  • Throw items
  • Give items
  • While conversation text is appearing, press again to speed up the text speed


  • Use an equipped tool
  • Places a held item into the inventory


  • Eat crops, foods, medicine
  • Close opened menus and inventory


  • Opens the menu for character profile [^], map [v], Animal List [<] and notebook [>] .
  • Pauses the game
  • Press again to close the menu


  • Opens the inventory
  • Pauses the game

0 - 9

  • Equip tools


  • When viewing the calendar in your house, this switches the page to different seasons
  • While holding the Milker, the Brush or the Clipper. This switches which tool you're using


  • Pauses the game
  • Opens the main menu

Controller settings (default): Edit

Wild season controller support

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