About Edit

Fishing is a side-activity where the Player can catch fish for use later on.

To fish, the Player must approach a body of water and use a fishing rod, but not all bodies of water can be used for fishing. A fishing spot can be distinguished by a nearby sign with a fish symbol on it.

Baits Edit

When fishing, it is essential for the Player to choose their bait. This will determine which variety of fish that will attempt to bite their lure. Different fish exist in different fishing areas and are attracted to a specific type of bait. You can purchase various types of bait from the Kidd's General Store in town.

Fishing Mini-Game Edit

When a fish bites the Player's lure, a mini-game will begin. It consists of a vertical meter with a red target area and a marker resembling a hook that
WS fishing
goes up and down. The goal is to time the marker to intersect within the target range in order to catch the fish.

Fish Edit

Fish Area Bait Ship Price
Arowana Holsts' Farm Worm 23 aur
Clownfish Beach, Holsts' Farm Worm
Comet Beach Worm
Flounder Holsts' Farm
Mackerel Holsts' Farm Worm
Minnow Holsts' Farm
Pufferfish Beach
Rainbow Trout Holsts' Farm
Sunfish Beach
Surgeonfish Beach Worm 28 aur