Farming is a core gameplay mechanic in Wild Season. The Player must grow and harvest crops for several uses such earning income by exporting crops to the shipping bin.

Getting rid of DebrisEdit

WS Axing

In order to use the soil for farming, you must get rid of the debris by using specific tools.

  • Weeds are cut by using the sickle
  • Logs are chopped by using the axe
  • Stones are smashed by using the hammer

Tilling the SoilEdit

WS hoeing

Before planting a seed, you must till the soil by using the hoe. The Hoe that you start with will only till one "tile" of soil.


WS Planting

Once a tile of soil has been tilled, a seed of any crop may be planted there.


WS watering

In order to make a crop grow, the Player must water it regularly everyday until the crop is fully grown. This is done with the Watering can, which can run out of water when used too much, but can be easily be refilled by interacting with the well nearby.

WS Harvesting


Once the crop has matured, the Player may harvest it by using the Sickle tool.