Wild Season has specific days designated for holidays and birthdays; these events can be viewed on the calendar hanging in your character's house. To change seasons, press the TAB key for keyboard users.

Spring Edit

Spring 1, New Year's

Spring 8, Lilly's birthday

Spring 10, Edward's birthday

Spring 13, Frank's birthday

Spring 14, Bouquet Day, anywhere in Bedford Valley. Gift bouquets of flowers (purchasable from Lilly Denis' flower shop) to various people you care about. Blue indicates family, yellow indicates friends, and red indicates love.

Spring 15, Jessica's birthday

Spring 21, Alice's birthday

Spring 22, Regional Horse Races, 10a to 3p at the racetrack in the northern part of town. You can place a bet on a single horse for each of the 4 races that day. This is one of the special days where Benjamin Andrews comes into town.

Spring 26, Jack's birthday

Summer Edit

Summer 3, Stefan's birthday

Summer 4, Regional Dog Races, 10a to 3p at the racetrack in the northern part of town. You can place a bet on a single dog for each of the 4 races that day.

Summer 7, Karl's birthday

Summer 9, Diego's birthday

Summer 10, Beach Day, 10a to 5p at the town beach past the eastern part of town. Diego Acosta will provide 30 free baits (worms) for the fishing contest if you talk to him, so be sure to have 3 slots open in your inventory. Talk to Mayor Underhill to view and select up to 5 fish you've caught to count towards your points total. The fish's quality will act as a multiplier for the length of the fish, with So-So as x1, Average as x2, etc. You do not get to keep any fish you catch, but you do keep any remaining bait you have at the end of the festival and also will not use any stamina. At the end of the festival, you can watch the fireworks with a person of your choosing.

Summer 11, Skye's birthday

Summer 14, April's birthday

Summer 17, Mary's birthday

Summer 18, Firefly Festival, 7p to 11p at your farm (5p to 7p is setup time). Denise will give you a jar to catch fireflies in, which can then be gifted to someone that you are romantically interested in. Full participation isn't available during the first year because shenanigans.

Summer 20, Ponco & Panca's birthday

Summer 21, Roselyn's birthday

Summer 22, Denise's birthday

Summer 24, Randy's birthday

Summer 27, Brock's birthday

Summer 28, The Animal Contest

Summer 29, Maya's birthday

Summer 30, Ben's birthday

Fall Edit

Fall 4, Richard's birthday

Fall 6, Misty's birthday

Fall 8, Gavin's birthday

Fall 12, Xandra's birthday

Fall 13, Harvest Festival: The Day of Harvest

Fall 14, Harvest Festival: The Day of Preparation

Fall 15, Harvest Festival: The Day of Offering

Fall 18, Barry's birthday

Fall 22, District Horse Races

Fall 23, Darius' birthday

Fall 27, Vince's birthday

Fall 28, Claude's birthday

Fall 29, Annual Cook-off

Winter Edit

Winter 2, Le Woolf's birthday

Winter 6, William's birthday

Winter 8, Don's birthday

Winter 9, District Dog Races

Winter 11, Roy's birthday

Winter 15, Katell's birthday

Winter 18, Lucas' birthday

Winter 20, Yule's Eve

Winter 21, Yule

Winter 25, Linda's birthday

Winter 27, Mayor's birthday

Winter 30, New Year's Eve