Benjamin Andrews
General Information
Full name Benjamin Andrews
Nickname Ben
Age 42
Birthday Summer 30
Profession Newscaster
Other Information
Family Unknown
Rival N/A


Benjamin Andrews is the news anchor for KTTX 13, a local news station run out of a broadcasting studio near the city.  He usually mans the morning show, but for some reason whenever the player turns to the station even in the afternoon, the station is playing reruns; also, due to the channel’s low budget, Benjamin acts as their meteorologist as well, often detailing the forecast for the next couple of days.


Ben himself is a down-to-earth sort of man who is nice but never over-the-top.  He often asks maybe too many questions when he first meets a person; he usually catches himself though and says that “old habits die hard.”  Unlike most of the other characters, Ben never moves to town and does not have a character arc.


  • Ben cannot receive gifts from the Player.